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Our Mission Statement

The Accucare Mission statement

Accucare Home Medical views it's role of our company to be primarily one of enhancing overall patient care. This is accomplished through our belief that all people deserve access to our home care services. We further understand our obligation to balance our commitment to provide equal access to home care services with our obligation to ensure the continuing availability of quality home health care for the future. We believe that the delivery of health services in the home is the most cost effective and caring system to provide quality health care.   At Accucare, we employee quality, skilled professionals who put these beliefs into action daily.

We also hold the vision that we are the BEST Home Care Company in Western North Carolina.  We consistently deliver quality equipment and services to our patients in a professional and timely manner.  We provide this equipment and service at a fair price, factoring in the level of quality that we provide relative to other providers.  We make an adequate level of profit so that we can continue to provide employment for our people with in an organizational structure, that challenges employees to achieve their greatest potential.