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Orthopedic Supports & Orthotics

Accucare now Offers Orthopedic Supports & Orthotic Bracing

Accucare Home Medical Equipment offers patients, the public and healthcare providers a full-range of orthotics and supports. Accucare is staffed with Certified Fitters & Pedorthists to help to help select, fit, and generate the best outcomes with your support or orthotic.

We bill Medicare Part B & most private insurances with a physician’s prescription for orthotics (note: orthotics are generally rigid or semi-rigid devices and are insurance reimburseable & supports are elastic and non-reimbursable).  In general, orthotics are for more severe conditions and supports are for mild to moderate conditions.

Accucare offers:

Accucare services the following markets:

Skilled Nursing Home Rehab Clinics
Healthcare Provider Referrals
The Public

Contact us today for a consultation about your orthopedic support or orthotic needs!

Skilled Nursing Home Rehab Clinics

  • On-site patient assessment/consultation for the appropriate orthotic
  • On-site follow-up and adjustment for optimal outcomes
  • On-site continuing education courses for physical and occupational therapists
  • A contracture & ambulatory orthotic management program (clinical outcomes tracking & performance improvement)

Nurses and doctors

Healthcare Provider Referrals

  • We fill your prescription with high quality products combined with expertise & experience from our certified orthotics fitters and pedorthist
  • We provide follow-up and adjustments for optimal outcomes and compliance
  • We provide you with update reports to keep you informed about the outcome(s) of your orthotic referral

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The Public

Whether if you need a support or orthotic for daily living activities, recreation, or sporting activity, we can help you!


We offer a full range of quality supports and orthotics to meet your condition and your budget!

Note: Supports are generally elastic, for mild conditions, and do not require a doctor’s prescription (they are also non-reimbursable). If you think you need a more rigid device, called an orthotic, because your condition is moderate to severe, contact us so we can guide you through seeking a prescription through your physician.